If you're running your own

successful business, and

you've reached that point

where you're creaking under

the pressure, and it’s

starting to affect your

home-life, too…

...then this is your lucky day

 Many business owners suffer from one or more of the following problems:

  • Too many things needing doing URGENTLY, and no time to do them
  • Hassle from difficult clients, co-directors or your team
  • Complaints from spouses you’re a grumpy bugger at home
  • Guilt you aren’t being a good enough parent
  • Constantly creating chaos and upset; it seems your team can’t keep up
  • The business is good but you just can’t seem to get to the next level

 Fix those problems and you'll fix others, too, such as your deteriorating health and your non-existent social life.

What happened to the dream?

 When you started your business, maybe you dreamed of having more choice and freedom, but you're working harder than ever, longer and longer hours, and your home life and your relationships outside work are at risk of crumbling.

 You have too many stupid fights and arguments with the ones you love… 

…you're doing it all for your family, your spouse and to win at life, but somehow the dreams and passion you once had are slowly evaporating.

 You’re tired, frustrated, worried, overwhelmed and stressed

   …it seems so close yet so far

 Perhaps, sometimes it feels like 2 steps forward and 3 back?

 You hire some good people and they stay, but many come and go, and there seems to be a shortage of people who are a good fit for the way you work.

 Business is good and you make good money, but then you're as busy as hell and suddenly there's no cash.


 How can this be? It makes no sense!

 You’re always busy and collecting money, but you also feel financially squeezed and unhappy at the same time?

 It’s no wonder divorce rates are so high and many businesses fail within the first five years!

It’s NOT your fault!

 You may not realise it, but the odds are stacked against you, despite the fact you know you have it in you to make all your dreams come true.

 You don’t need us to tell you it's tough sometimes, we genuinely know how you feel!

 We also know you're prepared to dig deep when required, burn the midnight oil from time to time and do what it takes.


 …you just know something needs to change.

 However, until now, no one has shown you the right path.

 There’s a lot of crap out there. We know because we get bombarded by the same messages in our inbox and social media feeds and we’ve even been suckered in by a few false promises ourselves…

 …only to discover most gurus only give you their small part of the overall fix.

 Running a business particularly with your significant other comes with a different set of dynamics, and whilst sales of course are important, most of what needs fixing is our thinking!

 Our emotions, feelings and fears drive our decisions, and sadly they prevent us from punching through the glass ceiling that’s holding us back.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS and the BAD

 It’s all fixable, but it won't fix itself! 

 And if you've been in business for any length of time you'll know if you stop and really think about it, you’ve already tried most things which have gotten you to where you are now, and whilst that's good…

 …you just know there's another level you can get to.

 We have helped hundreds of business owners just like you achieve exceptional results, not just in running their businesses, but enjoying life more outside of work, too.

 A few have commented recently:

They are both excellent at identifying areas where we need to improve and making sure that we address these rather than shy away from them.

I had a change to my business circumstances a couple of years ago. I was aware I had become complacent, starting to get bored with what I was doing. I was making good money, but I was very aware I wasn't as good as I could be.

When I was nervous or unsure, they helped me implement decisions and changes in ways they could see would build my confidence and enable me to continue making changes on my own

The first time I joined one of the Q&A calls, someone said: “I only want to make this about business. I want to keep it separate from my life.” But very early on, I learned if your work objectives are not in tune with your values, you simply won't achieve them.

So I found it very important straight away to work on all the aspects of life. I found all of the more personal things – my home, family and friends, my relationship with significant others, my health and fitness… all improved immeasurably in the first 90 days.

Between the two of them, Kevin and Vicki make a great team. They're not just an accountant or a business coach. They combine together to be stronger than that… and they bounce off each other and combine their skills in a really helpful way.

 We hold regular quarterly group client events where you can meet these and others... 

 If you want someone to help you cut through all the bullshit, someone you can trust and show you the right path. If you’re not afraid of hard work, and you’re ready to break through that glass ceiling, then:

Why choose us?

“Together Kev and Vicki make a formidable force…”

 If you are any or all of the following:

  • Running a growing business as a couple
  • Or, running a growing business on your own with background support from your significant other
  • Employing people either locally or offshore
  •  Raising a family or looking after elderly parents, and maybe stepping in regularly to look after grandchildren
  • Dealing with all manner of economic challenges presented by the Government, recession, banking crisis and of course the great plague!
  • Fighting with the mental health issues and maybe even the realisation of neurodivergent traits within yourself or those you work closely with
  • Health issues, from fatigue and sickness, to menopause and being overweight and drinking too much
  • Feeling strains on relationships, possible contemplating divorce

 Then we know how you feel, because at some point in our lives we have felt and experienced many of the same issues.

 But, this is what we found

 …for as long as we can remember, we’ve had great coaches and mentors providing a safe place to check our sanity, get laser-focused advice on what we need to do next and support from other successful business owners in their mastermind groups.

 The alternative (and we’ve done this too) is to go it alone and try and figure it all out by ourselves, searching the internet and reading books. 

 Whilst it helps, it’s also hard. Really hard.

 You get caught up in your own echo chamber of doom and gloom, scrolling endlessly on social media obtaining confirmation bias that the whole world is falling apart. You start to buy into the lie that there’s no money because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

 All of which is simply not true and we can prove it by working with you.

Break through the glass ceiling

 There comes a moment in every successful business owner's life when you realise you're working harder and harder, faster and faster, and despite the fact you are seeing the rewards, there is a constant demand on your time. The pressure to sustain and maintain what you’ve built for you and your family needs to be lifted.

 We describe this as a glass ceiling. Something is preventing you from getting to the next level and if you choose to do nothing, then nothing will change, except perhaps maybe it will start to affect your health and relationships. Furthermore, you’ll start to undo all the long hours, days, weeks and years of hard work you’ve already invested!

 The good news is that assuming you have the determination, will and wherewithal to invest the time and the money, and if you meet our strict qualifying criteria, we can coach and mentor you through to the next stage.

 To be considered as a suitable client to work with us you must be:

  • Motivated to make changes NOW
  • Running an established and profitable business
  • Coachable and determined to change
  • Prepared to be totally upfront and honest with us
  • 100% committed to taking the actions we agree on
  • Able to laugh at yourself (We don’t work with boring buggers!)

Vicki La Bouchardiere

I’m Vicki La Bouchardiere, experienced executive coach, author, speaker, mother, grandmother, unofficial “wife”, and business owner.

We’ve seen and heard it all from my clients - nothing shocks me, and I certainly don’t judge any of them for what comes out of their mouths. One of the things I often hear is, “I’ve never told anyone that before…”

It’s OK. Nobody's perfect, and everyone's struggling with something.

That said, I’m not your agony aunt.

You can rage, vent, cry and wail, but I’ll expect you to do something about whatever's hacking you off, letting the tools I give you in our sessions work their magic. 

If you come back to me time and time again with the same old problems without taking action, we’ll soon part company.

On the other hand... if you’re seri­ous about regaining control of your work and home life, you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone, be honest with yourself and others, try new tactics and develop a fresh approach to life, then Kev and I can help you.

Kevin Whitehouse

I’m Kevin Whitehouse, executive coach, author, speaker, father, grandfather, unofficial “husband”, and business owner.

Oh, and I’m also an accountant!

In a long career spanning nearly four decades I’ve acted for and helped literally thousands of business owners in just about every business genre you can think of from start-ups to global business entities.

Whilst the essence of business is simple, it’s not easy, and that normally boils down to one thing…

…our thinking!

It’s the way people think that causes nearly all problems.  

And because of my accounting background I can quickly cut through the bollocks people tell me when they say things like they're busy and fine, because I look at the results - the hard facts - and I’m not afraid to call you out on your results.

Once we get to the truth, coaching and mentoring becomes the most valuable part of what Vicki and I do for you to help you break through to the next level.

People don't know what they don’t know. It’s possible no one has ever explained or shown you what's right under your nose.

Here’s what we can do for you…

 The best sportspeople in the world always have a coach.

 Similarly, for business, to be the best at what you do you need a coach, too, if for no other reason than Solomon's Paradox:

 Humans are generally good at delivering sound, rational perspectives to others, but notoriously bad at delivering those same sound, rational perspectives to themselves. 

 Solomon's Paradox emphasises the delicate balance between rationality and emotion in decision-making.

 The paradox shows that while rational reasoning and objective analysis are frequently linked to wisdom, the emotional aspect of decision-making can actually make things more difficult.

 This is where we come in.

 We genuinely understand what you are facing, but we can stay unemotional about your decision making.

 In our latest book Rock Solid Growth 2.0 we show you this model, which is an overview of what to expect.

     Depending on where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll go deeper into each element until you have created the business and life of your dreams:

  • We help you fix the money issues in your business, so that you can breathe and start getting ahead and achieving those goals that excite you. You’ll finally be able to spoil your family to say thank you for the times and events you missed.
  • We focus on lifting the time pressures. We all have 24 hours in a day but most entrepreneurs are superhuman and often end up doing the jobs of 2 or 3 people.
  • We show you how to gain back the luxury of choice. You could sell up, live in the mountains and feed the squirrels if that makes you happy, and you would be successful.    The daily grind, the heartache and late nights are not forever. By making small, significant shifts you gain back the freedom - the real reason you got into business in the first place.
  • We work on your pricing challenges within your business and show you ways to unshackle yourself from the limits you feel you have, so that you can not only be rewarded for what you deserve, but also deliver an even better service to your clients.
  • Systems run business and people run systems. We cut through the chaos and backroom inefficiencies, build robust systems, take control of your finances and build a repeatable and reliable sales and marketing system, so that you can pick and choose your clients and have an endless supply of good quality leads.
  • We guide you on positioning. Positioning is often misunderstood but in combination with good solid systems and a well thought out pricing strategy, it will help elevate you and your business, giving you the ability to make more money and have an easier life. You can start dusting off some of these forgotten dreams and start getting excited again about your future.

Here’s what to do NEXT…

You have 3 options:

1 - You’re ready to get going


     We simply need to speak, obtain some information and see if you qualify to work with us.

     That starts with making sure we understand exactly what your key challenges are, so that we can confirm we can help you. 

     Just book a call with either Kev or Vicki and get the ball rolling:

2 - It all sounds good but you’re not sure?

     Every quarter, we run our flagship online programme called the 90 Day Breakthrough.

     As part of that (and for our core client Mastermind group), we also hold a live in-person Mastermind day at a beautiful hotel in the New Forest. It's open to all our clients and you are welcome to attend the next one as our guest, so that you can come and meet us in person before you decide.

     Complete the form here to put your name on the list for the next event. We will reserve your place and be in touch about dietary requirements, dates and the finer details. And, if we haven't already, we’ll also send you an email with a copy of our book Rock Solid Growth 2.0 and the most amazing gift ever! 

3 - You just want more info

     No problem!

     You can read more about us, watch a few videos, and grab a free copy of our book Rock Solid Growth 2.0.

     Plus, you can take advantage of the most incredible gift ever, a full 28 day paint by numbers course with workbooks and practical steps for you to follow along.

     Although this is a FREE set of resources, we provide something of huge value to those that aren’t ready to commit to investing yet, and it’s a way to see for yourself if what we talk about and how we present ourselves is something that resonates with you, with ZERO risk.

Who the hell are we?

     Together we own and run Venture Coaching, we have developed a series of methods to consistently add value to our clients and if you are not ready to take action just yet, you can find out more about us by clicking through to our personal pages below:

Kevin Whitehouse

Kev ran his accounting practice for 35 years, acting for 1,000's of businesses small medium and large.  

Whilst crafting his skill and developing his career he also became a qualified coach and, by default, a small business advocate and mentor and has helped thousands of clients get results.

With the advancement in accounting technology including AI, he can now predominantly focus on his true passion: that of being a world-class coach and mentor to get even better results for our clients.

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Vicki is a highly experienced executive coach.

She continues to add to her skillset and is currently training to  become a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Prior to becoming a coach, she owned and ran a property development business for ten years.

A wealth of hands-on small business experience, combined with her extensive coaching skills, makes her an exceptional ally to any small business owner.