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Is this evidence of my psychic ability?



Is this evidence of my psychic ability?

Want to know the thing I hear most often from my regular coaching clients about my daily emails?

“Were you writing this about me? It’s like you knew what I was struggling with today!”

Is this evidence of my psychic abilities?


It’s evidence I stalk my clients, tap their phones and have cameras in their homes and offices. 

All part of the service!

Seriously, the reason I hear this so often is because my clients often share the same struggles. 

Human struggles.

The kind of struggles that make them feel isolated and fearful, because people rarely voice them out loud.

The kind of clients I attract tend to share common characteristics:

  • They’re highly motivated to succeed at work.
  • They value their loved ones and want their home lives to feel positive. 
  • They sometimes lose their shit and don’t feel proud of themselves.
  • Their loved ones often tell them they need to chill out more. 
  • They don’t suffer fools gladly.
  • They have a great sense of fun and humour, but the enormity of their struggles can snatch it from them from time to time.
  • They sometimes ask themselves “Is this all there is?” and want more from life, but they’re not sure what. 
  • They’ve reached the top of their career (as they currently know it), or they’re working their way much faster up the ladder than expected. 
  • They sometimes fantasise about blowing their lives up and starting again, doing something completely different. 
  • Many people look up to them as the one with all the answers.
  • They tend to beat themselves up for falling short of their own expectations.
  • They can be good at forgiving others but terrible at forgiving themselves. 
  • They can do the combined jobs of a small army of people, and yet still beat themselves up for not being superhuman.
  • They sometimes feel as if they’ve achieved nothing for days and weeks at a time, even though that’s blatantly not true. 
  • They care deeply about other people and feel very hurt when they’re not shown the respect they’d give others.
  • They find it hard to delegate and let go of tasks because they can’t bear watching someone take hours over and/or fuck up what they could do in five minutes. 
  • ^^^ This leads to having too much on their plate and a team that continues to lean on them because they haven’t empowered the people around them.
  • They often feel out of control of their time and wish there were more hours in the day. 
  • They often sideline fun and self-care, choosing to put work and the needs of others first. 
  • When I give them coaching advice, they often need reminding again and again of key principles, and they beat themselves up that I need to tell them more than once.
  • They often spend too much time in their own heads, trying to consciously work out problems, when really the solution is to take time out and let their subconscious genius thoughts bubble to the top. (And, oh how they love it when they finally come up with the answer they’ve been searching for!)
  • They simultaneously doubt themselves and yet also secretly believe they’re fricking amazing and have much more to give. 

…the list goes on, but you get the picture. 

These are the sorts of challenges I help clients deal with on a daily basis, so it’s hardly surprising you’ll sometimes think I’ve been a fly on the wall witnessing your trials and tribulations! 

I believe in coaching so much because, time and time again, I see evidence that the only thing getting in people’s way is their own thoughts. 

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