Want to get to know us better?

Vicki La Bouchardiere

We're not about the hard sell - coaching requires great relationships, and we want to give you the chance to get to know us first 

In my emails I share business tips, but there's also a lot about me, Kev and our family along the way

 I will also tell you about some of the services and events we're offering, too.  I'd be mad not to, as this is how we earn a living, but even though I'm selling, you won't feel pressured into buying from us.

I know you're not always ready to buy when we're ready to sell.

Nonetheless, we are really good at what we do, and one day when the time is right, you'll probably want us to help you and your partner with your business, and you'll be glad you kept in touch.


I do get a bit rude at times, so don't sign up if you're easily offended.  My main aim is to deliver you useful business and coaching tips,  but I write the emails with my own style of humour and if you don't like it, you can unsubscribe any time.

We don't want snowflakes and sensitive little flowers as clients;  sometimes we tell it as it is and give you a kick up the arse for your own benefit...  You win, we win... That sort of thing.  

(We think it's better to put you off right away, than waste both our time if we just aren't gonna get on, so don't sign up if you are easily offended!)

But if you're up for it, it'll be great to have you in the gang, so sign up just here: