Kevin Whitehouse
Kevin Whitehouse

Your Business Can Destroy Your Relationship And Your Relationship Can Destroy Your Business

If you are a couple running a business, you will have a unique set of headaches.

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Being in business can be bloody tough, and it can feel even tougher when your business partner is the same person who shares your bed.

It’s a romantic notion; creating and running your very own empire together, but the reality can kill the romance completely.

You can feel as if you are slowly drowning in a murky lake of crappy clients, moaning employees and evaporating profits.

When things go wrong, the blame game gets very personal.

With no financial safety net, you feel vulnerable; there’s no regular salary to fall back on if the business fails.

It can feel out of balance, either in terms of effort or power, or both.

A badly-run business can destroy your relationship.

A badly-run relationship can destroy your business.

Communication problems, resentment, frustration, confusion, arguments, and just plain boredom can exist in either your business or your relationship.

The crap that exists in one is often smeared all over the other.

It can feel scary and overwhelming when neither of you have the answers you are looking for.

Long term success - a robust empire seated strongly on firm foundations - will only be possible when you get both your business and your relationship right.

Why Listen to Us?

We are a couple in business just like you, and we specialise in helping entrepreneurial couples find more profits, work better together and enjoy an easier life.

Our best results have come from working with design and creative-lead businesses, where we have made significant impact providing:

  • Increased wealth
  • Reduced stress
  • Greater confidence
  • Clarity and direction
  • Enhanced pride and job satisfaction

This often results in our clients becoming healthier, mentally stronger, and able to get more out of themselves than they ever thought possible.

Imagine for a moment a future where you both, feel fully engaged and excited about both your business and your relationship.

You share ideas with clarity and understanding and you both truly appreciate each other’s strengths.

Picture having more disposable income, your cashflow is buoyant and you are now in control.  You only work with great clients and your staff never give you any shit!

If you want more profit, faster growth and a better love-life…