Are you an entrepreneur who often feels frustrated and disconnected from the people around you?

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Do you work successfully in your business, but sometimes find communication and interaction with the people around you difficult? Do you feel as if those around you can't keep pace with your ideas, and maybe even as though you're surrounded by idiots?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of things you want to take action on, and don't know what to work on first?

Do you enjoy having a regular routine and find it difficult if that routine is interrupted?

Do you find you upset people and don't know why it's happened?

Do people sometimes accuse you of being selfish, stubborn or insensitive?

These are all things many entrepreneurs feel from time-to-time, but more frequently for people with Asperger's-like traits.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a difference in a person’s neurology - how their brain is wired. Many people with Asperger’s are grateful for the talents it gives them, especially those whose careers have benefited from highly developed talents and focus for their field of interest.

Many individuals with Asperger’s know they are different, but may not understand their condition fully, or how they are perceived by those around them. This can cause avoidable problems in self-management and in their relationships both in and out of work.

  • You might need to improve your skills around prioritising
  • You might need new strategies around time-management
  • You might have so many ideas in your head, you become overwhelmed and need some help making a structured action plan
  • You might find your inflexibility in certain areas is holding you back, and you're getting in your own way
  • Your need for certain routines might be hindering you
  • You may have trouble communicating your thoughts clearly with colleagues and feel as if they can't keep up with your ideas
  • You may find interaction with colleagues, customers and suppliers difficult, particularly if situations require you to interact socially and make small talk
  • You may have issues with personal relationships that upset and frustrate you
  • You may even be affected by depression, anxiety or alcoholism - conditions that many people with Asperger's are affected by, which can be treated

These are all things that can be improved by coaching, but not all coaches will understand how best to work with individuals with Asperger's. 

I have been a professional executive coach for many years, and came to understand the specific challenges of entrepreneurs with Asperger's through my work with clients with Asperger's-like traits. 

My experience has taught me you will respond to coaching better when you, and the people around you, understand the condition better. Asperger's cannot be "cured" but the challenges it presents can be eased significantly, and your personal and working life will become easier and more enjoyable with simple coaching strategies.

I cannot diagnose Asperger's myself, so you will need to seek diagnosis separately, but I am working with a psychiatrist who is an Asperger's specialist, and if you would  like to explore this avenue further and obtain a diagnosis I can point you in the right direction. 

I can coach you generally without a diagnosis, but my plan tailored for clients with Asperger's is only available to those with a diagnosis for ethical reasons - Asperger's can be confused with other conditions, and you need a specialist to confirm that for you.